Information about our water


Alaska Premium Waters: What makes it Better

   Alaska, being so far north, is home to some of the oldest and largest ice fields and in the world, for the further north you go, the older and Eklunta Glacier Fieldlarger the glaciers become. Glaciers are formed slowly over thousands of years by ancient snowfall that compacts under intense pressure to form dense or glaciated ice.  This ice preserves the water from negative influences which may affect underground or above ground water sources. This makes glacier water unique when compared to conventional water sources like spring water, well water or other under or above surface sources.  Traditional water sources are constantly being reprocessed through the earth, into the atmosphere and back again, bringing the water into contact with many modern day pollutants. While other water can come into contact with micro-toxins and trace pharmaceuticals, our protected and preserved glacial ice melts slowly from the bottom up, providing a naturally pure clean source of drinking water. 


Our Water

  Our water comes from Eklunta Glacier Lake, virginEklunta Glacier Stream first time use water, fed by an over 25,000 year old glacier, Eklunta Glacier. Eklunta Glacier sits atop the Chugach Mountains, in an almost half a million acre park.  Protected by a rugged mountain terrain and influenced by the mineral composition of the land, our glacial water has the benefit of being alkaline and containing naturally occurring minerals. Further more,  because the glacier melts from the bottom, it creates oxygen rich water.  Many other bottle waters and commercial drinks go through a water filtering process, a process that strips the water of its natural minerals and causes it to become acidic. Our water is never stripped of it's natural benefits, retaining all of it's nature made minerals.


Our Water is Naturally Alkaline

  Natural alkalinity is one of the most important aspects water can enjoy. Alaska Premium Waters is such a water. At an average of approximately 8 on the pH scale, the alkalinity in Alaska Premium Waters acts as a whole body combatant of acidic imbalances in living cells. Intra- and extra cellular body fluids maintain healthy alkaline levels that help displace and dispose of acidic environments while supporting an increased uptake of oxygen in the cells during metabolizing.

 Keeping your diet more alkaline and less acidic is important, as acidifying your system causes the body to work hard to maintain its homeostatic pH. Acidic diets are pro-inflammatory and harm your circulatory system.


Natural Minerals from a real glacier source 

 Typically minerals in water keep water from becoming bio-chemically aggressive. This condition is easily illustrated when observing water filtering processes such as distilling water or reverse osmosis (r/o water) which are used to purify water in all “purified” bottled water products and other industrial beverages. Simply stated, there is nothing in nature (un-natural) that duplicates “distilled” or “reverse osmosis” processes. These methods represent a literal stripping of water, it’s structure and its’ mineral content, changing the properties in the water and causing it to become acidic, mineral void and bio-chemically aggressive while seeking to extract minerals and re-balance itself from whatever living system it occupies. Re-adding the minerals compensates, to a degree, this alteration and re-balances the waters flavor but like anything that is sourced as “natural” and becomes dis-assembled and put back together again, important beneficial properties are lost.

 Naturally occurring minerals in water are also responsible for balance in the solvent properties of water as well as positive pH measures making the water alkaline and non aggressive to living organisms. It is also true that in the design of animals and humans, minerals are acquired through the consumption of plants and vegetation (that are most often very alkaline) which absorb crystalline minerals from the ground and transform them into amorphous (non-crystalline) minerals that the living cells of animals and humans can process and assimilate (absorb) for optimal metabolizing. The beauty of water that comes from glaciers is that the glacial minerals are colloidal by nature (suspended in the molecular medium of water) and enjoy an amorphous quality that allows them to be processed and utilized in the living organisms consuming the glacier water, instead of simply passing through as is the case with crystalline minerals that are found in most other water sources on earth.


Better Hydration 

  In science, it is known that when glacier ice begins melting, it releases immense molecular energy in the transition from solid to liquid form. This same energy, interestingly, is released when transitioning from liquid to gas form. The energy is created by the polarity of the 2 Hydrogen molecules in H²O which increases into a very active ritual of motion as the ice melts. This perpetual motion is called hydrogen bonding or clustering (this occurs naturally in unprocessed water, however, to a higher degree in glacier water). In micro seconds, nano-meter sized bridges are being connected and detached to and from polarizing water molecules in a continual and fluid fashion forming structured micro clusters within the water medium. Increased hydrogen bonding, as in glacier water, means smaller groups of micro-clusters which equates to higher structural dynamics within the water.

 The naturally structured formations are observable when the water freezes again.  Active polarizing water molecules that form the water clusters that are inherently structured by nature to translate specific benefits of water into the biological systems they occupy, now generate kinetic energy. This promotes harmony with the human body fluids and greatest efficiency during metabolizing (energy) and hydrating processes. This is nature’s perfect cycle of energy in motion at the molecular level and represents Alaska Premium Waters dynamic hydration ability. Distilled, purified and or industrially modified waters fail to possess these dynamic structuring and hydrating properties and in comparison must take their places far behind the benefits provided by Alaska Premium Waters, nature’s premium drinking water.